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Ended up in a party full of World Health Organisation medics...

Apparently I’ve gone to the wrong Doctor WHO convention!

Great to hear Dr. Who's new herb range has won awards...

He's a thyme lord!

Who is the scariest Time Lord?

Doctor Boo!

What did Rose Tyler have for tea?

An Unidentified frying object!

What do you call a doctor in the sewers?

Doctor Poo!

How does a Dalek keep its skin soft?


Why did the Cyberman cross the road?

To upgrade the person on the other side!

Why do the Daleks eat apples?

Because an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

What's the opposite of K9?


Why didn't the Dalek apply for a job at the job centre?

There wasn't any temporal-shift work available!

What do you call a time-traveling cow?

Doctor Moo!

What does a Sontaran take on holiday?

Sun-taran lotion!

Why did the Dalek apply for a job in pest control?

He liked the job description, Exterminate! Exterminate!

What do you call a Dr. Seuss character with a medical degree?

Doctor Who!

What is Doctor Who's favourite snack?


Doctor Who was still hungry after dinner....

So he went back four seconds!

Doctor Who is a terrible procrastinator.

He leaves everything for earlier!

Got around to watching Doctor Who after all these years.

It was about time!

What’s the greatest sci-fi show? Well subjectively it’s doctor who...

But objectively it’s doctor whom!

What kind of bread does Dr Who not eat?

Dalek bread!

I bought a Dalek egg timer recently...

After a few minutes, it shouts, "Eggs terminate!"

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