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Animal Crossing Quiz: Can You Get 100 Percent?

How well do you know Animal Crossing and its fun, furry inhabitants? Take our Animal Crossing quiz and see how well you know the game! Good luck!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  February 20th 2022

Think you know Animal Crossing? The why not try and get full marks on our special Animal Crossing quiz! And if you liked that, there are even more apps & gaming quizzes here! Or why not find out which PokΓ©mon you’re most like? We even have a quiz that tells you Which Animal Crossing Character You Are!

1/10 Hands holding gaming console with eyes and splats

Who makes Animal Crossing?

2/10 Animal Crossing Gameplay
Animal Crossing | Nintendo

What sort of animal is Tom Nook?

3/10 Animal Crossing Gameplay
Animal Crossing | Nintendo

Which game came out in 2021?

4/10 Penguin and flamingo with question mark on laser background

Who runs the post office?

5/10 Animal Crossing Gameplay
Animal Crossing | Nintendo

Who is this?

6/10 Women looking puzzled on pink background with question marks

This game is banned in the Philippines. True or false?

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7/10 Which of these is Isabelle?

8/10 Beano cat and frog with mic on space background

What language do the Animal Crossing characters speak?

9/10 Flower with goofy face

What is a Rafflesia?

10/10 Bunny in Santa hat and ghost on brick background

What is Bunny Day supposed to represent?

Lowest Result
Animal Crossing | Nintendo

Uh oh! It looks like this Animal Crossing was a bit tricky! Never mind, you can always have another go and see if you can get a higher score!

Try Again Result
Animal Crossing | Nintendo

You got a few right, but we just know you know more about Animal Crossing! Have another go!

Nice Work Result
Animal Crossing | Nintendo

Well done, someone knows a fair bit about Animal Crossing! But can you get full marks? Try again and see!

Highest Result
Animal Crossing | Nintendo

Awesome! You're some kind of Animal Crossing genius! Top marks! Go and play some more of the game as a reward!