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What Happens When Animals Interrupt TV

Are dogs good at reading the news? Can a crow predict the weather? Don't pretend you don't want to know the answers to these incredibly important questions...

Sometimes TV can be boring. The news? What’s that all about? Just boring people being boring.

So what to do? Simply add some animals and hey presto, you’ve just made TV fun again!

To be honest, the people presenting your fave telly show might not find too much to laugh about – that’s because they keep getting pecked, prodded and poked by all manner of crazy creatures.


Dogs always want to help. But sometimes, they can be a bit TOO helpful.Like this dog, who interrupts the news to help the host with the headlines.We get it, you’re a good boy – now sit, stay and, er, tell us what the weather forecast is going to be.

News Funnies | YouTube


Talking of weather forecasts, this crow looks like it has something important to say.What could it be? Is there going to be a hard frost in the morning? Or maybe we’re due a sunny spell next week?Unfortunately, we’ll never know, because as crows are famously lazy at school, they’ve never quite grasped the complexities of meteorological prediction. 

Denver 7 – The Denver Channel | YouTube


Cats get everywhere so it’s no surprise to see them featured on this list.This particular puss seems very keen to get on camera and won’t let anything get in the way – not even the TV presenter, who appears to make a very handy ladder.

CNN | YouTube


You don’t have to be big to interrupt the telly as this presenter found out when confronted with an annoying insect.But there’s no need to get in a flap – maybe that little fly just wanted an autograph? 

Fox 5 San Diego | YouTube