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Animals Who Are Rubbish at Their Jobs

These animals are so useless at their jobs! We still love them though...

World’s worst sheepdog

We think he’s a bit confused because the sheep chase him!

Fired Police dog

This police dog was fired from his job for being too friendly! Bless him! But don’t worry – he’s got a new job…He’s the Governor of Queensland’s dog (that’s in Australia) and now he spends his days greeting guests.It’s a dog’s life, eh?

Useless cockerel

Do you hate the sound of your alarm clock in the morning?Well then, you should get yourself one of these because you’ll sleep soundly forever with this quiet little chicken.You’ll never wake you up with that failed crow!

Sneaky guide dog

This clever canine led his owner into a pet store without her knowing.But what was he after? A juicy bone? A chewable toy? Was he even a good boy? We need to find out!

Sausage sniffer

Lulu the sniffer dog got bored of looking for bombs…She was much happier looking for sausages and squirrels.Her trainer adopted her and now she enjoys a more chilled out life.