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How to Steal a Dog’s Bed

Feeling tired and need a good place to kip? Well then, take a tip from Mr Whiskers and learn how to make yourself a bed... anywhere!

You know that feeling when you’re super-tired and the only place to sleep is the dog’s bed?

What? You don’t know that feeling? Well, maybe it’s just a cat thing then.

But no matter, because if you actually happen to be a sleepy cat, then, oh boy, have we got just the video for you! 

And if you’re not a cat? Hey, that’s no problem, these tips are useful for sleepy humans, too. 

Anyway, we’ve got advice on the best way to take beds, get dogs out of beds and just general info on how to make yourself nice and comfy even when you’re not using your own pillows.

And just before we get going, let’s look at the 3 golden rules of bed-stealing.

Make your presence felt…

This is important. If there’s someone in the bed you want, then you need to make them know about it – by any means necessary.

Cat kneads dog's face

Use the element of surprise

Stealing beds is all about being unexpected because if you were expected, there’s no way any dog would give up it’s bed to you! So make sure you’re ready when the opportunity arises.

And if all else fails…

…then get ready to get cuddly! Seriously, sometimes if you want something, you’ve just got to be nice!