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What Are These Cats Thinking About?

Thought those felines were being friendly? Think again! These cats mean mischief!

Cats are great. They’re cute, cuddly and… hold on, who are we kidding?

Cats ARE great and they ARE cuddly, but cute? Seriously? If you knew what these sneaky felines were really up to, you might change your mind!

Of course, until we manage to invent a Super Special Cat Translating Machine, we’ll never know for sure what that little fluffball is actually thinking about. But in the meantime, it’s sensible to be careful.

So to help you spot the signs of a crafty cat, we’ve made a video which could save your bacon if you find yourself faced with a particularly mischievous moggy…

Cats are thinking about… FISH!

Just like the rest of us, cats are always thinking about lunch. It’s just a cat’s lunch is probably a bit more fishy than yours. Unless you’re cat too. You’re not though, are you?

Cats are thinking about… DOGS!

Of course they think about dogs! Cats and dogs are life-long rivals and the competition is fierce, whether it’s about stealing food, chasing each other or, er, playing chess.

Cats are thinking about… TOILET PAPER!

Is there no end to their mischief? We can just about deal with an angry cats meowing for breakfast at 4.30 in the morning, but destroying out toilet paper? Why, cats, why?