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Crime Fighting Cats

Next time someone breaks the law, don't call the cops... call the cats!

Crime Fighting Cats

Next time someone breaks the law, don’t call the cops… call the cats!

What’s the difference between cats and dogs? Cats are in charge, that’s what!

So if you’ve been the victim of a crime, then what better animal to save the day than a… cat? 

Yep, that’s right, it’s Crime Fighting Cats! And you’d better believe it, because these cats mean business. 

Crime fighting business, that is.

Dangerous dogs

Cats have got these noisy boys covered. Next time you hear a big bark? You know who to call – you guessed it… a cat!

Pelist App | YouTube

CCTV (Cunning Cats Television)

Ever had that feeling you were being watched? Well, that’s because you WERE being watched. By a cat. So make sure you’re behaving because you know what these felines can be like.

Tsitira | YouTube

Feline unwell?

You know that feeling when you’re too sick to go to school? Well, next time that happens, just tell your mum the cat’s going to look after you – but just don’t expect your cat to actually care how you are. They just want to be fed, anyway.

mao idalgo | YouTube

Paw patrol

Look, we know cats and dogs don’t always get on, but sometimes your pet pupper gets a pretty hard time. Especially when it comes to dealing with cats. But at the end of the day, it’s the dog’s fault – it should have signed an escape claws. (Sorry).

Kyle Block | YouTube