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Take a peek inside this 1960's annual, filled with classic comic strips and adventure stories!

1969 Beano Annual

Bash Street and the Iron Fish? Danny's Iron Fish seems to have been taken over by class 2B, who are wearing the correct coloured clothes (just about)!

Beano Book 1969 Annual

Bash Street Dogs vs Blob Street Dogs

A rare appearance of their rivals, the Blob Street Dogs, our heroic pups get into one big Bash Street scrap. This is also their first annual appearance, after their first weekly strip debuted in 1967.

Bash Street Dogs vs Blob Street Dogs - Beano Book 1969 Annual

Winnie the Wangler

A counterpart for Roger the Dodger, this was Winnie's only solo annual appearance, although she pops up in the Beano Comics Library and other Roger strips of the era.

Winnie the Wangler - Beano Book 1969 Annual

Little Alfie (and Billy Whizz)

Alfie Whizz gets a chance in the Beano spotlight, as he tells some stories about Billy Whizz doing his best (and sometimes doing his best to cause trouble!).

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