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Are You Brave Enough To Take This Wednesday Trivia Quiz?

Test your knowledge of Wednesday Addams and her haunted high school with this spine-chillingly awesome TV show quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 21st 2022

You've seen the Netflix show, but have you been paying attention? There's a lot more to the show Wednesday than just that dance scene, and you'll need to have been watching pretty closely to get full marks on this creepy TV show quiz spectacular!

Ready to find out how much you know about Wednesday? Scroll on and we'll tell you once and for all!


What kind of fish did Wednesday tip into the swimming pool?


What instrument does Wednesday play?


Who does the family send to watch Wednesday at school?


How do you spell Wednesday's last name?


What is Wednesday allergic to?


What secret society was Wednesday's mum a member of?


What's sprayed out of the sprinkler system during the dance?


Before Mayor Walker was the Mayor, what was his job?

Wednesday | Netflix | Tim Burton | Kayla Alpert

What can Larissa Weems shapeshift into?


Which of these is NOT a type of Outcast?

Result: Uh oh
Wednesday | Netflix | Tim Burton | Kayla Alpert

Oh dear. This is not a very promising score. No wonder Wednesday looks so unimpressed! Too bad... you'd better have another go. And fast! There are plenty of other TV quizzes for you to try if you're not feeling this one, by the way!

Result: OK
Wednesday | Netflix | Tim Burton | Kayla Alpert

Pretty good! Wednesday has seen a lot worse... but she's still not too impressed. Fancy having another go and seeing if you can score a little higher? If not, we've got loads of other spooky TV quizzes for you try!

Result: Great
Wednesday | Netflix | Tim Burton | Kayla Alpert

GASP! Fantastic score! You nailed this quiz! Great work - you very almost got 100%. So close! Do you know which questions you got wrong? Now, do you think you can beat this near-perfect score on a different TV quiz? There are lots more to choose from!

Result: Amazing
Wednesday | Netflix | Tim Burton | Kayla Alpert

Amazing! This result is scarily good - full marks! You really know a lot about Wednesday. Now, you can't improve on this score - but you could see if you can match it on a different TV quiz! we have plenty more to choose from!