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Are You Marvel or DC?

Which comic team are you most suited to? Take this blam-tastic quiz and we'll tell you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Let's find out!

1/10 A young superhero looking out into the sunset

What's the best superhero power to have?

2/10 A man lying on the carpet surrounded by gadgets

Are you really into gadgets?

3/10 A woman playing a video game alongside a rubber chicken

What do you like to do in the evenings?

4/10 A man giving the thumbs up

How would you best friend describe you?

5/10 A clown peeking out of a cupboard

What's your idea of a perfect day out?

6/10 A superhero

Which superhero do you admire the most?

7/10 A scientist in a lab

What are your hobbies?

8/10 A person enjoying her job

What's your idea of a dream job?

9/10 A gran on the phone

How do your friends contact you?

10/10 A superhero thinking about new powers

What superhero power would you most like to have?


You are: MARVEL!

You're similar to superheroes like Spider-Man and Hulk... mild-mannered people who transform into legends in the blink of an eye!


You are: DC!

You're similar to superheroes like Wonder Woman and Superman. Thank you for protecting us from villains!