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Are You More Squishmallow Or Squishie?

It's the question on everybody's lips - which one of these squashy, cuddly toys are you most like? Have a squeeze on this quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 11th 2024

So you like cuddly toys, eh? Ones with cute faces and winking eyes? What about super soft ones you can mush about in your hands? Well - you've obviously said yes to those, but we'll have to keep asking questions like this to find out whether you prefer Squishies or Squishmallows! So let's get going - this is the only way we'll ever find out whether Squishies or Squishmallows are the best fit for your personality!


1/10 Pick one of these!

Squishmallows via

Pick a colour:


Inside you is... what?

4/10 Some brightly coloured slime

Pick a soft thing:

5/10 A laughing box

Could you fit in this box?

Squishy via

Which of these words do you like the most?


Are you see through?

Squishmallows via SmythsToys

Which of these things would you rather be doing?


Now pick a noise:

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If squishmallows could eat, what would you feed them?

Squishy via

You're totally a Squishmallow!

Ok, that's that settled! You are 100% a squishmallow! Everything about you is soft, squashy and fuzzy. Just like a squishmallow, you've always got a smile on your face, and bounce back from anything! Not sure this is you? Take this quiz again and see if you get a squishier result next time!

Squishmallows via

You're squishy and Squishmallow!

You're a little bit like a squishy, and a bit like a squishmallow, too! You're soft and friendly, with a smile on your face and you can be squeezed into all kinds of shapes without popping! Not sure this is you? Take this quiz again and see if you get a different result next time!

Squishy via

You're a squishy!

Ok, so squishies and squishmallows have a lot in common (they're both pretty squashy) - but you're definitely not a squishmallow! You're more rubbery and flexible, and might be full of some kind of clear goo! No fur for you, no way! Would you rather be a squishmallow after all? Have another go at this quiz and see if you get a different result!

You're not a squishy or a squishmallow!

Ok, this is a turnout for the books - you're not a squishy OR a squishmallow! Instead, you're something harder and spikier! Like a sea urchin! Maybe this is a better choice? You don't have people messing with you all the time, for one thing! Not sure this is you? Take this quiz again and see if you get a squishier result next time!