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Try This Warm And Cuddly Duffy And Friends Quiz!

Test your knowledge of the cutest Disney characters so far... that's right, Duffy, Linabell, ShellieMay and more!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 29th 2024

Duffy and his kind-hearted friends might not be the biggest Disney stars, but they're probably the cuddliest! Duffy and friends have been part of Disney right from the start! But how much do you know about them? Do you know where Duffy comes from? Who all his friends are? Test yourself with this extra-cuddly Disney quiz!

1/10 A koala in space

Duffy is a... what?

Disney Parks | Youtube

How did Duffy become famous?

Disney Parks | Youtube

Compared to Duffy, Shelliemay is... what?

4/10 A wizard with his orb

According to the story, who made Duffy?

5/10 A cozy looking cat

What kind of animal is Gelatoni?

6/10 A cool looking postbox

Gelatoni is... what?

7/10 Hawaii and a screaming pineapple

Where does 'Olu Mel come from?

Disney Parks | Youtube

Who is this?


Which of these outfits does Duffy usually wear?

10/10 Some animals staring at you

What kind of animal is CookieAnn?

Disney Parks | Youtube

Oh no! StellaLous is a slittle sad at this result! Cheer up StellaLou - it's ok, we can just try this quiz again and see if we gt a higher score next time! Phew! Ok, good luck! But if that's enough Duffy and friends for you, we have lots of other great Disney quizzes!

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Hmmm - this is an OK score, but StellaLou thinks you can do better! Can you cheer her up? All it takes is a k=bit of kindness and maybe another go at this quiz! Let's see if you can score higher the 2nd time round! If not, we have lots of other Disney quizzes for you to try?

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Wahoo! Great! Duffy is really pleased with this score! Great job! You almost got 10/10! Do you know where you went wrong? Let's see if you can beat this amazing score on a different Disney quiz! Good luck!

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Fantastic! This is teh perfect score - you know loads about Duffy and friends! Well done! You can't improve on this score, but you might be able to match it on a different Disney quiz! What do you reckon? Up for the challenge?