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Mental Health Quiz: Back to School

It's time to go back to school, but is your mindfulness at 100%? Take our mindful quiz and see how you'd react in these school situations! Can you make the best choices?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  June 27th 2022

It's back to school time, which can always seem a little bit scary. But don't worry, Beano has you covered! In this walk-through quiz, we'll do a stressful day at school and see how you cope! Try and make the most mindful choices possible and see if it helps you have a more relaxed and fun school day! Good luck!

1/13 Dog in bed with goofy alarm clock

Your alarm goes off! What's the first thing you do?

2/13 Cereal with tongue out emoji

Breakfast time - what's the best breakfast to have?

3/13 Dog with toothbrush with goody pumpkin and yellow splat

Dad's still in the bathroom and you need to brush your teeth! What do you do?

4/13 Girl running alongside river with surprised Beano cheetah

You're rushed for the bus but you JUST missed it! What the best course of action?

5/13 Backpack with arrow and screaming pineapple

You open your bag for your first lesson and find out your water bottle has leaked all over your books! How do you react?

6/13 Smiling Beano pizza slice on laser background

Snack time- what's the best option?

7/13 Beano ref cheetah and boy in PE locker room

Oh nooooo - you just realised you forgot your PE kit - what are you going to do?

8/13 Beano burgers, ice cream and banana on wall background

Time for lunch - what are you having?

9/13 Girl writing in class with arrow and yellow splat

It's afternoon and you're in maths class. You can't concentrate because your friend keeps talking! What do you say?

10/13 Angry boy with books on yellow background with angry emoji

It's the end of the day and it's home time, but your friend is hanging back and making you late home. What are your options?

11/13 Healthy snacks with goofy Beano food

Back at home, time for a snack - what are you having?

12/13 Boy looking stressed doing homework, yellow splat, genie lamp and Beano books

Time for homework! How are you going to do it?

13/13 Dog sleeping and derpy panda

Bed time! What time are you going to bed?


Mindfulness Master! You're a master of being mindful and making sure you take a deep breathe before you make any choices. You're also good at knowing how to eat healthy and why it's essential to help you be calm, cool and collected! You know that the best thing to do in any situation is remembering not to sweat the small stuff! Nice one!


Well done! You know a lot about making the most mindful choices to be mentally healthy! You make lots of good choices and you know ways to make sure you're having a healthy day! Why don't you have another go and see if you can get full marks?


You know a tiny bit about making good mindful choices, but you can get a bit overwhelmed with everything! That's ok, school can be stressful, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed! Have another go and see if you can make better choices!


Uh oh - you're a bit of a mindfulness mess! It doesn't look like you've been that good at looking after your body or your brain - and that's totally normal! We know school can be super stressful, but everything gets a little bit easier when we make mindful choices. Maybe there is a friend or trusted adult you can talk to when you're feeling stressed? Why not take the test again and try and choose the most mindful answers for better mental health? We believe in you!