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Beano Breaking News! Chocolate Bars Are Going To Be Banned!

Enjoy those lovely Easter treats, they may be your last! Why? Because there's a big choccy bar ban on the way

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’d better sit down… we’ve got some VERY bad news.

Because of Brexit, Britain’s kids are only going to be allowed one bar of chocolate a week. That’s a seriously small amount!

So what does this mean for Easter and all those lovely eggs? And will we have to start weighing Maltesers to make sure we don’t get in trouble?

Seriously, won’t somebody think of the chocolate?!

Well, before you get too down, we should let you know your sweet stuff is safe for now, because… you just fell for our April Fools’ Day prank!

But don’t let these sugary shenanigans leave a bitter taste in your mouth.. play this prank on your pals and have a laugh at them instead!