Beano Makes… Things That Make a Noise!

Learn how to make a Clari-NOT, a Balloon Bassoon, Paper Popper and an awesome Raspophone

The Classic Clari-NOT

Using a tube, some sticky tape, and a straw, you can make a simple Clari-not! Check out more detailed instructions here!

You will need - Tube, Scissors, Sticky tack, Straw, Bottle
Cut and bend the straw
Cut it into a point
It should look like this
Make some holes in the tube
Use sticky tack to seal the straw
Make sure it's tight!
Carefully cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle
Use more sticky tack to attach it
Play your heart out!

The Brilliant Balloon Bassoon

Balloons and a bottle make for a soulful sound! Click here to get the original instructions.

You will need - bottle, scissors, balloon, rubber band, sports cap
Cut the bottom off the bottle
Cut a hole in the end of the balloon
Fit the sports cap inside the hole
Secure it with a rubber band
Stretch the balloon over the bottle
Keep the balloon tight by holding the mouth of the bassoon below the top of the bottle. Now blow!
Different tubes make different noises

The Perfect Paper Popper

Fold it up and let it blow. The bigger the paper, the louder the noise. If you need help, look no further.

You will need - a sheet of paper (the bigger, the better!)
Fold the paper in half, lengthways
Fold each of the four corners into triangles
Fold in half
Fold the paper over, in half
Do this on both sides
It should look like this:
Hold the paper from the bottom corner, and flick it to make a loud pop

The Ridiculous Raspophone

Blast and toot with this musical flute! You can catch the original instructions here.

You will need - rubber bands, cocktail stick, paper, spoons or lolly sticks
Place the small strip of paper on one of the spoons
Put the other spoon on top of the paper
Wrap a rubber band around one end of the spoons
Do the same for the other end
Snap the cocktail stick in half
Poke the 2 halves of the cocktail stick between the spoons
It should look like this
Decorate it however you want!
Grip the raspophone between your lips and blow!

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