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Beano Makes… Things You Can Fire!

From crossbows to catapults, we've got your menacing arsenal covered!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  December 6th 2023

The Ridiculous Recurve Bow

Tear through the air with this brilliant bow. Find the complete instructions on!

  • You will need - lollipop sticks, paperclips, tape, tack, rubber bands, scissors
  • Carefully cut 2 small notches in a lollipop stick with scissors, about 1 centimetre from the end
  • Repeat on another lollipop stick. Put these 2 sticks aside for now.
  • Bend 4 paperclips and attach to another lollipop stick with sticky tack
  • Now attach the other lollipop sticks (the ones with the notches cut in them) with more sticky tack
  • Stretch a rubber band between the 2 notches on the front. Loop it round if you need to make it tighter.
  • Stretch a second rubber band around the other end of the lollipop sticks
  • Finally, wrap a small strip of paper around the longer elastic band and secure with tape. This will hold your ammo!
  • Load up some ammo (cotton buds are best) then just pull back and fire!

Cobble together a crossbow

Fire away with this pencil crossbow - perfect for causing chaos. Check out the original video here.

  • You will need - tape, cotton buds, pencils, straw, rubber bands
  • Tie two pencils together at both ends with rubber bands
  • And tie the other two together as well, but only at one end
  • Tie the pencils together in a cross shape with more rubber bands, like this:
  • Cut a small piece of drinking straw off with scissors
  • Slip the piece of drinking straw underneath a rubber band. It should look like this:
  • Stretch a rubber band over the front two pencils and test it by pulling it back
  • Load your crossbow up with cotton buds...pull back...and fire!

Make a cracking marshmallow catapult

Aim your ammo out of this world, with this amazing catapult model. Look at the original instructions here.

  • You will need - skewers, rubber band, marshmallows, spoon, ammo
  • Stick each skewer between 2 marshmallows to make a triangle
  • Add 3 more skewers diagonally to create a pyramid
  • Add a marshmallow on top
  • Attach the spoon to a skewer using some sticky tape
  • Put the rubber band over the top of the pyramid
  • Stick the skewer (with the spoon) inside the rubber band, and poke it straight into the marshmallow at the base
  • Ready, aim, fire!

The perfect pencil catapult

Assemble another awesome catapult using these #SoBeano instructions!

  • You will need - pencils, rubber bands, spoon, ammo
  • Take three pencils and wrap them together using rubber bands
  • Use the other three pencils to make a frame, fixed with more rubber bands
  • Attach the spoon onto the thick side of the frame with (…you guessed it…) more rubber bands
  • Place your ammo in the spoon, pull back- making sure you don't aim at anybody's face - and fire!