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Beano Reacts – Disney Trailers!

Get your popcorn ready! The Beano Squad are talking Toy Story 4, The Lion King and Aladdin - it's genie-us!

Get your popcorn ready and take a seat, because we’re reacting to Disney trailers! We’ll be talking Toy Story 4, taking a good look at The Lion King, focussing on Frozen 2, before analysing Aladdin (including Will Smith’s blue genie!)

So come and join the Beano Squad as they review all the trailers for upcoming Disney movies. 

If you’re a big Disney fan (or even a little Disney fan) then listen to their reviews and out which film you wanna see first!

And if you really can’t get enough of all things Disney, then what are you waiting for? We’ve got loads of awesome Disney quizzes just waiting for you to try, so come on, give them a try! 

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And what about testing your knowledge on all things Aladdin? Yeah, we’ve got you covered! Find out which character you are with our Aladdin Personality Quiz