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Beano Superstars โ€“ The Bash Street Pups

Meet the mutts from Bash Street!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  March 30th 2022

The Bash Street Pups are a crew of mischievous dogs who hang out in an alleyway near Bash Street. They're always up to something funny. so let's meet them all now!ย 

The Bash Street Pups Fact File

Name: The Bash Street Pups

Birthday: There are 9 of them, so all different!

Best friends: The Bash Street Kids

Worst enemy: Clawdia, Walter's horrible cat!

Prized possessions: Their precious buried bones!

Motto: Hang out, don't fall out!

Super skill: Having fun

Family: Each other!

Address: The alleyway beside the junkyard on Bash Street

Fact: They're always battling for bones and territory with their rivals, the Blob Street Dogs


Bones is the leader of the Pups, but that doesn't mean he always knows the best thing to do, He's like a pirate and is always spoiling for a fight! Arrr!


Blotty is a spotty dog who can never make up his mind.


Peeps always knows the best thing to do but she gets drowned out by the others. Sometimes she makes sure they listen to her, but sometimes she lets them do things their way - and pay the price!


Wiggy has really strong hair, which he can use like a hedgehog to pick up rubbish, or to scare other dogs away.ย 


Pug is so ugly he's lovable. Aww! Look at that face!ย 


Tubby loves his food, and he has the most amazing bone collection buried all over the alleyway.


'Enry can't see further than the end of his nose and his sense of smell is even worse. Which is a shame, for a dog...


Manfrid is easily scared and shy. He hides his face behind his collar, hoping no-one will notice him.


You know those dogs who chase cars hoping to bite them on the bumper? Or who try to get into a house through the letterbox only to get stuck half in and half out? That's Sniffy. He's smarter than a rusty tin can, but only just.