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Beano's Elf Help Guide!

Having a rough Christmas? Here's how to keep your spirits up!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 7th 2021

As well as being the best time of the year, Christmas is also pretty stressful sometimes. And everything is just that little bit trickier this year because of...well, you know what. So make sure you look after that inner elf by following these extra-Christmassy self-care tips!

1. Eat a Mince Pie

It doesn't matter if it's vegan or made with peacock-butter and anchovies. Whether your granny accidentally filled it with Branston pickle instead of mincemeat, or if you even like mince pies. Eating *some kind* of mince pie is the secret to a chilled Chrimbo. It's not the North Pole's national dish for no reason!* *In fact, it's not the North Pole's national dish at all!

2. Don't worry about the presents too much

Of course we ALL want loads of great presents - but Christmas isn't really about getting loads of new stuff anyway. And if you didn't get the thing you wanted don't worry. It probably just means there was a mix up at the North Pole or Father Christmas had to self-isolate. These things happen, and there'll always be more Christmas presents! And birthdays! And pancake day! And National Lobster Stroking Day! And the rest!

3. Help out the grown ups...sometimes!

The grown ups in your life are probably pretty stressed out this year. So try and give them a hand whenever you can and involve them in your fun somehow. But if that doesn't work... you can always still prank them! At least you tried! 


Every year, someone suggests we all play board games, and every year everyone feels too full and can't be bothered. But here's a little known Christmas fact - board games are actually loads of fun! So this year...DO IT. PLAY THE BOARD GAME.

5. Have a snowball fight!

If you're lucky enough to get snow at Christmas, obviously use that - but if you can't, don't give up! Try scrunched up scrap paper or even make your own fake snow from shaving foam and bicarbonate of soda (look it up to find out how!) You could also try building a snowman out of cardboard, or go mud sledging down a hill in your local park! Who needs real snow anyway!

6. Don't fill up on sweets

This might sound like a stupid thing to say but honestly, the best thing about Christmas is the main meal. You can always eat sweets afterwards...or on any other day of the year! Well, that's the sensible advice anyway. Obviously do whatever you want!It's Christmas after all!

7. What would Elves do?

If Christmas is stressful or getting you down, here's a simple rule. Just do whatever Elves would do! And we don't mean spend all year in the Arctic making toys for no money.No, we mean be annoyingly cheerful and enthusiastic and happy and Christmassy ALL THE TIME!

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