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What Are The Best Cat Breeds For Me Quiz

Looking for a cat but don't know where to start? Find out which breed is a purr-fect match with this paw-some personality quiz!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  October 11th 2021

With so many cats to choose from, picking a breed is almost an impossible task! The upside is that all cat breeds are great, so you can't really go wrong. Answer these questions to give yourself an idea of what cat is best for you!

Remember, if you're actually going to get a new pet, make sure you get one that you are able to look after really well. Do lots of research (not just quizzes), and consider adopting a rescue cat, too!

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Do you have a lot of space in your home?


Which of these things would you most want to do with your cat?


Pick a hairdo:


How often do you want to play with your cat?


You like cats that are...

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What kind of noises would your ideal cat make?


Pick an animal that ISN'T a cat:


Does your ideal cat need to be good with children?


Pick a cat snack:


Hair all over the house?


What size is your ideal cat?

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Do you have time to groom your cat every day?


Pick a cat superpower:


You want a cat that was bred:

@banggood | giphy

Pick one:


Now pick another:


Pick a cat accessory:


Where would you like to go on holiday with your cat?

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What kind of music are you listening to right now?


Can you teach your ideal cat things?

You should get a Maine Coon!

This is a big cat. In fact, it's the biggest! This is fluffy breed, that can weigh up to 20lbs (that's over 9 kilos!), so they're kind of a big deal. Theyre obedient, good with families and have excellent personalities. Only downside is they will get fur ALL over your house.

You should get a Siamese cat!

This is a VERY good looking cat. Siamese cats come from Thailand, and were first recorded in the history books in 1351! Siamese cats are intelligent and love people - and will even play fetch with the right owner. Good choice!

You should get a Scottish Fold!

These are superstar cats! They're famously cute, well-behaved and fluffy. Even Taylor Swift has one! The Scottish Fold is a relatively new breed, only starting in the 1960s (in Scotland, obviously). They're famous for having folded down ears, which kind of makes them look like owls.

You should get a Sphinx!

This is a very unusual cat..mostly because it has no hair, at all! Sphinx cats are mischievous, outgoing, and they love people. You might think this cat was bred in ancient Egypt, but actually - they were first bred in Canada in the 1970s!