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24 Funny Birthday Jokes to Blow You Away

Are you in need of funny birthday jokes for a card? We've got you covered with these epic birthday jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  August 11th 2021

Enjoy these funny birthday jokes from Beano's joke geniuses!

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Why was the dragon nervous on their birthday?

Because they had to blow the candles out!

Toy Dinosaur blowing out a Birthday candle with cup cake on a gray background

What does a vegetarian get on their birthday?

A carrot cake!

What did the astronaut say when he was given his birthday present?

'Houston, we have gift off!'

What do penguins sing on a birthday?

Freeze a jolly good fellow!

Why were there balloons in the bathroom?

There was a birthday potty!

What kind of birthday cake does Elsa like?

The kind with lots of frosting and icing!

frozen jokes

What is it about birthdays that make kangaroos unhappy?

They only get to celebrate them in leap years!

Why are birthday's good for you?

Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest!

I was born to be a pessimist

My blood type is B Negative!

Did you hear about the tree’s birthday?

It was a sappy one!

What do you say to a kangaroo on its birthday?

Hoppy birthday!

Where do you find a birthday present for a cat?

In a cat-alogue!

How do pickles celebrate their birthdays?

They relish the moment!

Why did the birthday cake visit the psychologist?

Because it was feeling crumby!

When is a birthday cake like a golf ball?

When you slice it!

What did the elephant want for his birthday?

A trunk full of gifts!

What did the Teddy Bear say after blowing out his birthday candles?

No cake for me… I’m stuffed!

Why do we put candles on the top of birthday cakes?

Because it’s too hard to put them on the bottom!

What sort of birthday food do ghosts prefer?

I scream cake!

Doctor, doctor! I get heartburn every time I eat birthday cake.

Next time, take off the candles!

What do you get a hunter for his birthday?

A birthday pheasant!

What is a donkey’s favourite party game?

Pin the tail on the human!

What did the pirate say on his 80th birthday?

Aye matey!

What do mussels do on their birthdays?

They shell-ebrate!