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10 Interesting Black Cat Facts You Never Knew

How much do YOU know about these furry feline friends?

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:ย  April 28th 2023

Cats are wonderful creatures all around, and black cats maybe even more so! If you own a black cat you know the joys - it's like owning a little black void with eyes! There are some cool facts about them as well - do you know where they're considered lucky, and where they're unlucky? Did you know they can change colour? It's all here!

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1. They are matchmakers

Black cats are considered lucky in Japan, because it's thought that single women who own black cats are more likely to attract suitors!

2. Most black cats have yellow eyes

That glossy black coat needs a lot of melanin (the substance in your body that gives your skin, hair and eyes their colour). This affects the colour of a cat's eyes, and yellow is the most common for black cats!

3. They might make you rich!

In a lot of Asian countries, including China and Japan, black cats are lucky and will bring you great wealth!

4. They tend to be boys

No one quite knows why, but black cats tend to be boys rather than girls!

5. There are 22 breeds of black cat

The Cat Fancier's Association recognises 22 black breeds of cat, but only one is pure black - the Bombay cat.

6. They're Halloween icons

Black cats are like, THE ultimate Halloween icon. It's thought that they were liked by witches because they were good at hiding in dark places , and overall just kind of spooky looking!

7. They're lucky AND unlucky

Whether a black cat is lucky or not totally depends on your culture! In some European folklore black cats are the companions of witches and therefore unlucky. In Welsh folklore, they were seen as lucky (and also, it was thought they could predict the weather)! In the UK as well as Ireland, Japan and Germany, a black cat crossing your path is good luck! But in the USA, the same thing is bad luck!

8. They can change colour!

If your black kitty loves to lounge in the sun (and, let's be real, all cats do), keep an eye out for its fur changing colour! The UV rays in the sun will break down the pigment in its fur, changing it to a rusty colour. Once the fur is shed it will be replaced by new black fur.

9. Black Panther inspired pet owners

When Black Panther came out in 2018, there was a recorded fad of people adopting black cats and naming them after characters from the film!

10. They have their own special day

Of course, all cats believe that every day is all about them! But on the 27th October, this is true for black cats in the UK! Black cats are often the least wanted of all cats in shelters, so it's good to have a day to appreciate these fuzzy feline friends!