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Black Panther Jokes

There’s no superhero as good as Black Panther! Check out these Black Panther gags that are totally clawsome!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 20th 2022

Coming at you from the country of Wakanda, Black Panther is the Marvel superhero to beat all superheros. Once you’ve finished these purrfectly written jokes, have a look at our thorsome 22 Thor Jokes That Will Make Your Sides Thor and our main jokes page! Hey! Don't forget to try our our amazing Joke Generator!

What’s Black Panther’s favourite colour?


What does Black Panther have in his coca-cola?


That scene where T’Challa plays with his small glass balls…

He’s a marble superhero!

What deodorant does Black Panther use?


Did you hear about Black Panther’s thumb getting hit by a hammer?

It was Thor!

Did you hear about Black Panther’s old phone?

Actually it’s Nakia’s!

Black Panther’s wedding photos were all too dark…

He forgot to invite the Flash!

What did Black Panther say when he zoom called Nakia?

You’re still on mewt!

What did Black Panther say when he zoom called Killmonger?

Can you hear meow?

What is Black Panthers favourite day of the week?


What are the villains in Black Panther called?


Why don’t the people of Wakanda use Amazon?

They prefer catalogues!

Why is the Black Panther video game easy?

You get nine lives!

What exactly does Black Panther do again?

Claw enforcement!

Did you hear about the new Marvel Minecraft mashup?

It’s called Block Panther!

A wolf in Minecraft form. Image by Minecraft,  Mojang Studios
Minecraft | Mojang Studios

What’s the first thing Black Panther does in the morning?

He wakes up!

What do they call T’Challa after he’s finished his work out?

Black Panter!

How does Black Panther get his groceries home?

In a plastic Bagheera!

Black Panther can jump higher than a building…

Buildings can’t jump!

What did T'Challa wear when he was a baby? 

Black Pampers!