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22 Thor Jokes That Will Make Your Sides Thor

Ready for some superhuman laughs? Beano is here to hammer your boredom!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  November 11th 2021

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Why was Captain America avoiding Thor?

He Odin money!

What is Thor’s favourite food?


Who is Thor’s favourite singer?

MC Hammer!

What do you call a superhero with a beard and glasses?

A hips-thor!

What is Thor's favourite brand?


What is the Avengers favourite day of the week?


Why did Thor lose his lightning powers?

Because his father grounded him!

What's Thor's favourite drink?

Mineral Wat-thor!

What was Thor's favourite thing about geography?

Learning about the equa-thor!

How does Thor charge his appliances?

With a lightning adapter!

Why did Thor like maths?

Because he could use a calcula-thor!

What would Thor's job be if he wasn't in the avengers?

A Jani-thor!

What is Thor's favourite cycling competition?

Thor de France!

What is Thor's favourite ice cream?

A Thornetto!

Why couldn't the god of thunder speak after the dentist?

He was too Thore!

What do you call a dinosaur who can control thunder?

A Brachio-Thor-us!

What is Thor's favourite cereal?

Loki charms!

Some say Thor's dad is pretty interesting...

I think he's pretty Odin-ary!

Why does Thor hate playing games?

Because he is a Thor loser!

What is Thor's favourite dance?

The Loki-Pokey!

Why does Thor iron his cloak?

Because he knows what a Crisp Hem's Worth!

What does Thor call his underpants?


Why doesn't Thor notice his little brother?

Because he's Low-Key!

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