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50 Avengers Jokes That Would Make Thanos Chuckle

Get rid of your incredible sulk with this super-powered pile of Avengers punchlines!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  August 11th 2021

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How do Ant Man and Wasp get around town?

They ride on the buzz!

What party game does Ant Man like most?

A Sc-avenger hunt!

Why doesn’t Ant Man play video games?

He lost to Ultron too many times!

Which superhero won a singing competition?

Captain American Idol!

What is Thor’s favourite food?


What is Spiderman’s favourite day of the week?


Who is Thor’s favourite singer?

MC Hammer!

Why did it take Thor so long to find his brother?

He couldn’t Lokite him!

Which superhero spends too much time in the sun?

Cap-tan America!

Which super hero runs in marathons?

Irun Man!

What does Captain America say when he wants an orchestra?

Avengers, ensemble!

Did you hear about Avengers: Infinity Wars?

It's said to be Marvel-ous!

Why did the Avengers have the best float at the parade?

They had a gigantic banner!

Why was Thanos so crazy?

He snapped!

What do you call Dora the Explorer in an Iron Man costume?


What do you call a superhero with a beard and glasses?

A hips-thor!

What is the Avengers favourite day of the week?


What would Thor's job be if he wasn't in the avengers?

A Jani-thor!

What does Peter Parker call LEGO Spiderman?

His alter-LEGO!

Thanos, Hulk, and Iron Man created a group chat...

It's named SnapChat!

Why does Iron Man think Thanos is a pessimist?

Because he's a Universe half empty kind of guy!

Why did all the photographs from Iron Man's party turn out dark?

He forgot to invite the Flash!

Why didn't Tony Stark like his new assistant?

He wasn't Happy!

Captain Marvel wasn’t the first standalone female superhero...

Iron man was, because he’s Fe-Male!

What does Tony Stark cook with?

Pepper's pots!

What does Tony Stark eat for breakfast?

Iron Bran!

Apparently Iron Man also did a tuxedo range...

But it wasn't his strong suit!

Thor, Iron Man and Hulk walk into IKEA...


What's the difference between Iron Man and Aluminum Man?

Iron Man stops the villains but Aluminum Man just foils their plans!

Wouldn't it be amazing if Silver Surfer and Iron Man teamed up?

Yeah, they would be alloys!

What's the difference between Spiderman and Superman?

Peter Parker can shoot webs. Clark Kent!

What's Spider-Man's favourite month?


Why was Aunt May worried about Spider-Man?

He was spending too much time on the web!

What's the difference between Spider-Man and a unicorn?

Nothing - they're both fictional creatures!

Why does Spider-Man always flush the toilet?

Because it's his doody!

Who gets travel sick when he tries to destroy New York?

The Green Goblin!

Why didn't Spider-Man save the day?

He couldn't get out of the bath!

What do you call David Banner when he won't speak to you?

The incredible sulk!

What did Iron Man say to Ant-Man?

Stop bugging me!

What month does Spider-Man hate?


Where is Spider-Man's home page?

On the web!

What do you call Iron Man without his suit?

Stark naked!

Where did Black Widow and Spider-Man first meet?

On the web!

Why did Iron Man sleep out in the rain?

To get some rust!

Did you know that Hulk recycles 95% of his household waste?

Yep, he's pretty green!

How are Tony Stark's clothes always so neat, man?

Because of the iron, man!

Bruce Banner makes mean mashed potatoes, but what if he's pushed for time?

He uses Hulk Smash!

Why does Loki hate the day after Wednesday?

Because it's Thor's day!

Where do the Avengers grab their super-skinny lattes?


Who wears an eye patch and never feels the cold?

Nick Furry!

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