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42 Funny Superhero Jokes Here To Save The Day

Super jokes to the rescue!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 22nd 2021

Check out these super-strong, super-funny, superhero jokes! 

Plus, once you're done here, take flight with our Marvel jokes, Superman jokes or Batman jokes. You might laugh so hard you get powers of your own!

Who's the oldest superhero?


Which superhero won a singing competition?

Captain American Idol!

Which superhero spends too much time in the sun?

Cap-tan America!

Why didn't Tony Stark like his new assistant?

He wasn't Happy!

What does Tony Stark cook with?

Pepper's pots!

What does Tony Stark eat for breakfast?

Iron Bran!

Apparently Iron Man also did a tuxedo range...

But it wasn't his strong suit!

Thor, Iron Man and Hulk walk into IKEA...


What's the difference between Iron Man and Aluminum Man?

Iron Man stops the villains but Aluminum Man just foils their plans!

Wouldn't it be amazing if Silver Surfer and Iron Man teamed up?

Yeah, they would be alloys!

What did Superman name his dog?

Lex Woofer!

What's the difference between Superman and a fly?

Superman can fly but a fly can't Superman!

What's the difference between Spiderman and Superman?

Peter Parker can shoot webs. Clark Kent!

What's Superman's favourite drink?

Fruit punch!

Where does Superman go on holiday?

Cape town!

superhero jokes

Why does Superman take direction from his hat?

Because it's his supervisor!

Need someone to save the day?

Superman can do it but Clark Kent!

Why was Superman the only person at the party?

The invitation said supervision required!

Why does Superman get out of dangerous situations?

Because he always has an S cape!

Why has Superman not got any friends?

Because he wears his underwear on top of his clothes!

Why did Batman take a break from fighting crime?

Because it was becoming the Bane of his existence!

Why did all the pictures come out dark from Batman’s party?

He forgot to invite the Flash!

How many caped crusaders does it take to change a light-bulb?

None – they like it dark!

What do you get when you cross Batman with a tree?

Spruce Wayne!

What's Batman's favourite part of a joke?

The punchline!

Who saves the world by hanging out in the toilet?

Flush Gordon

Why didn't Spider-Man save the day?

He couldn't get out of the bath!

What do you call David Banner when he won't speak to you?

The incredible sulk!

What do superheroes put in their drinks?

Just ice!

What did Iron Man say to Ant-Man?

Stop bugging me!

What month does Spider-Man hate?


Where is Spider-Man's home page?

On the web!

Why can't Bruce Wayne get a date?

He has bat-breath!

Why doesn't Superman go out after dark?

Because he's afraid of krypto-night!

What do you call Iron Man without his suit?

Stark naked!

Which superhero has the tidiest clothes?

Iron-ing man!

Which hero loves hot chicken broth?


How did Peter Parker make his spider suit?

He checked the world wide web!

What’s the difference between Batman and a criminal?

Batman goes shopping without Robin!

What superhero uses public transport?

Bus Lightyear!

Which superhero needs to visit a dentist?

Plaque Panther!

Which hero is the brightest?

The Flash!

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