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Can You Pass The Ultimate Itzy Quiz?

ITZY are the K-Pop group that has it all! Recognised the world over, the girls of K-Pop band ITZY have a fandom like no-other. If you think we’re talking about you, you’ll have to see if you can pass this Ultimate Itzy Quiz! Are you an Itzy Expert or an Itzy Beginner?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 9th 2023

We’re testing you to the MAX on your knowledge of Itzy lyrics. It’s the kind of quiz that only a true Itzy fan could do. So if that sounds a little bit too hard for you, why not check out our other How Well Do You Know K-Pop Group Itzy? quiz, or even find out Which Itzy Member Are You Quiz?

1/10 | Instagram

Complete the Icy lyric “Icy but I'm on…”

2/10 | Instagram

Complete the ICY lyric “ They keep talkin', I keep…”


Complete the ICY lyric: “Hey hey hey Yass, whoo…”

4/10 | Instagram

Complete the “Wannabe” lyric. “I don't wanna be somebody Just wanna be… “

5/10 | Instagram

Complete the “Wannabe” lyric: “I'mma do my thang, Just do your…”

6/10 | Instagram

Complete the “Wannabe” lyric: “It's none of your…”


Compete the “Not Shy” lyrics: “Let the beat…”

8/10 | Instagram

Complete the “Not Shy” lyrics: “Why don't you wake up, follow the signs You're a free…”

9/10 A football in the back of a goal net

COmplete the “Not Shy” lyric: “Take a shot, take it..”

10/10 | Instagram

Complete the “Loco” lyric: “SOS for this…” | Instagram

ITZY SUPERFAN! | Instagram

Itzy Expert. Try again to get to Superfan status | Instagram

Itzy Beginner! Try again to work you’re way up to SUPERFAN level!