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10 Question Christmas Dinner Quiz

It's the biggest meal of the year. Find out how you'll cope by taking this quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 1st 2022

Whether you're a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan, Christmas dinner is going to be one of the biggest, if not THE, biggest dinner you eat all year! But will you be able to handle all the food on the table or will you end up exploding? BURP. If you like this quiz, why not head to our Cryptic Christmas Movie Emoji Quiz?!

1/10 A plate of pancakes

What will you have for breakfast?

2/10 A cat trying to steal a bar of chocolate

There's a lot of chocolate in the house. What do you do?

3/10 A Christmas mince pie

Dinner is going to be served at 2pm. What about a snack until then?

4/10 A bowl of soup

Dinner time! What are you having for a starter?

5/10 Pigs in blankets

How many pigs in blankets would you like?

6/10 A plate of roast potatoes

What about roast potatoes?

7/10 A Brussels sprout and turkey

Think you could fit some turkey and vegetables on your plate?

8/10 A jug of cranberry sauce

What's your opinion of cranberry sauce?

9/10 Christmas pudding

Think you've got room for some Christmas pudding?

10/10 A person in a festive jumper

What about some more sprouts?

Result: defeated by dinner


You filled up too early with a big breakfast and chocolate. And maybe that sandwich was a mistake. But the main thing is that you tried!

Result: A draw


An admirable effort, but you maybe filled yourself up a little bit too much before dinner. Better luck next year!

Result: Dinner Champ


Great work. You approached the biggest dinner of the year with grit and determination and walked away a champ. Well done.

Result: Dinner Legend


Wow. You paced yourself like an Olympic athlete and wisely stopped eating snacks in order to enjoy your massive Christmas dinner! We're surprised you had room for Christmas cake, actually. What a legend!