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Can You Watch 1 Minute of These Scary Snakes?

They're slithery, sneaky and definitely creepy but are you brave enough to watch them? We bet you are!

There’s ssssomething ssscary afoot.

They’re ssneaky and sslithery… can you guess what they are yet?

Yep, they’re snakes and we have to admit, they’re pretty terrifying!

But while some of us may be too spooked to even look at these radical reptiles, we bet you’re brave enough to watch a whole minute of these creepy critters, right?

But if you do, we should have a quick look at what makes snakes so scary, just so you’re ready!

Ok? Let’s go!

They’re slithery

Sure, they have to slither, they don’t have any arms! But hold on, they’re cool colours! That’s not too scary, is it?


They live in funny places

Snakes have to live somewhere but… hang about! This snake seems to be living in a pink sock! That’s not scary, that’s cute!

Pretzel the Hognose Snake

They wear tiny little hats

What? Weren’t we meant to be finding out how scary snakes are? They’re not scary at all! They’re sweet, especially when they’re wearing snake-sized hats!


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