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Celebrate Our Birthday With Us!

Help Dennis make his very own mini-magazine for Beano’s big day!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  August 7th 2023

On July 30, Beano will celebrate its 85th birthday! It's the day when the very first issue of the Beano was released in the shops! And because it's such a momentous occasion, we want YOU to help us to mark this huge milestone with YOUR artistic skills!

We want you to draw or write about what's cool about being a kid in 2023! You could be like a student in Bash Street School's class 2B and write a poem about your teacher or draw one of your favourite things. It's completely up to you, but Dennis says there's two rules: make some mischief and have some LOLs! You can draw or write on your own sheet of paper, but if you need a bit of inspiration check out the comic (4188) as there’s a special space there you could use too!

Your artistic creation could be featured in a special mini-magazine and you could win a special Gnasher medal!

Send a photo of your creation to Please include your name, date of birth, PLUS your parent/guardian or teacher’s name, phone number and email. Entries open 2 June 2023 and this competition will close on 28 June 2023.

Terms and conditions

These are the Competition Information and Terms and Conditions for the “Beano Birthday 2023” Competition to contribute to the Beano Birthday mini-magazine, inserted in the Beano 85th Anniversary issue, on sale on 26.07.2023. 

To enter the competition, children should submit their creations, in the form of written words, drawn pictures, or written words and drawn pictures. Children can use the templates published in Beano on 7.06.2023, 14.06.2023 and 21.06.2023.

The creations should be sent to by the Closing Date, along with the entrant’s name, date of birth, parent /guardian’s / class teacher’s name, telephone number and email address.

Each week’s entries will be shortlisted on the following dates: 07.06.2023; 14.06.2023; 21.06.2023; 28.06.2023, to create a final shortlist, which will be judged by a panel of judges and an independent judge on the 29.06.2023.

The competition opens at 16pm on 2.06.2023 (the "Opening Date"). The competition closes at 4pm on 28.06.2023 (the "Closing Date”).

15 competition entries will be featured in the Beano Birthday mini magazine, inserted in the Beano 85th Anniversary issue, on sale on 26.07.2023. 

The authors of the winning entries will also receive a limited-edition Gnasher badge each (15 badges in total).

Each week’s entries will be shortlisted, and the final shortlist will appear on on 26.07.2023.

The winners will be notified on 30.06.2023 and the prizes can be redeemed until 11.09.2023.

Names of winners may be published by Beano Studios in our relevant publications and/or on online and social media channels. 

The competition will be promoted in the Beano comic on 7.06.2023, 14.06.2023 and 21.06.2023, on the website at and on social media channels.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.