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Cereal Jokes

Hungry for some belly-laughs? Take a spoonful of these extra-corny breakfast gags!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  October 27th 2021

Looking for some un-bowl-ievably funny cereal wisecracks? You're in the right place! But if these are too...well... cereal-y for you, we've got lots more where these came from! We've got bacon jokes, spoon jokes, even this epic cereal quiz!

Now it's not just the most important meal of the day... it's the funniest too!

Never pour cereal down the loo.

It Kellogg's up your toilet!

What's a band conductor's favorite cereal?

Flute loops!

What do vegan cowboys put on their cereal?

Y'ALLmond milk!

What do you call an online game about cereal?!

What type of cereal goes to the gym twice a day?

Shredded wheat!

Did you hear about the guy whose bank account closed because he dropped his cereal?

His Chex bounced!

What kind of cereal does Microsoft make?


What's an English teacher's favourite cereal?

Synonym grahams!

How did the cereal say goodbye?


What does Salvador Dali eat in the mornings?

Breakfast surreal!

How does Reece eat her cereal?


What's scary and loves breakfast?

A cereal killer!

What do you get if you cross a duck and some cereal?

Quacker oats!

Why is Ed Sheeran's favourite cereal rainbow lucky charms?

He's in love with the shape of U!

What do snowmen have for Christmas breakfast?

Ice crispies!

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What is Thor's favourite cereal?

Loki charms!

What is Elsa's favourite cereal?

Frosted flakes!

What do cornflakes wear on their feet?


What noise did the witch’s cereal make?

Snap, cackle and pop!

What do you get if you cross a canary with a lawnmower?

Shredded tweet!