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The Chocolate Square Challenge

Could you guide a piece of chocolate from your forehead to your mouth without touching it with your hands?

Eating chocolate can be a bit too easy, if you ask us.

You can open a bar of chocolate and polish it off in seconds before even realising it.

That’s why games like The Chocolate Square Challenge are awesome!

Someone enjoying a small piece of chocolate

The game is very simple.

Each contestant places a piece of chocolate on their forehead, and by wiggling their face around, use their skill to guide it safely into their mouth. You can’t touch it with your hands though – that’s cheating!

You can't touch the chocolate in this game

If you try this is at home, put your face in front of the fridge for a moment or 2 to ensure your skin is nice and cool. If you’re warm, the chocolate will stick and you will most definitely lose!