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The Ultimate Christmas Chocolate Countdown!

It's Christmas, and that means one thing... CHOCOLATE! Here is our definitive list of the 10 best chocolates, scientifically rated from worst to best by the toughest minds at Beano!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  December 12th 2017

It's Christmas, and that means one thing - chocolate! So here are the top ten, scientifically rated from worst to best by the toughest minds at!

10. Advent Calendar Chocolate

At number 10 we have the type of chocolate you find in calendars. It's fun opening the doors and it's very Christmassey, but you don't get much and you can't eat them all in one go. Come on now. 

@Cadburyoutlets | Twitter

9. Chocolate Coins

Like advent calendars, chocolate coins are a nice idea. But they're really fiddly to open - especially when you're in a hurry. Which you are. 

peter_szilagyi | Twitter

8. Lindt

Nice chocolate - but it all seems too serious somehow. Crack a smile, chocolate chef! 

@weaverwildcats1 | Twitter

7. Snow Bites

Not technically made of snow so they lose points for lying. Still delicious though - good choice.

@rachkeita | Twitter

6. Maltesers

In at number 6, it's a good quality chocolate you can depend on. Not the most Christmassey though... 

@boutiquebake | Twitter

5. Ferrero Rocher

The kind of chocolate the Queen likes (probably). It would be higher in this list but we're guessing it's too expensive for normal people to eat. Sorry everyone.

@ferrerowww | Twitter

4. After 8's

Both minty and fancy, After 8's have nice little paper sleeves to stop them melting into a big lump. They are maybe a bit too posh to eat all year round though so they miss out on the top 3.

@kosherkajberlin | Twitter

3. Quality Street

These are Granny's favourite, and with good reason. You might not like all the flavours but there are plenty to choose from so who cares. Plus you can use the foil wrappers to make little suits of armour for mice and other small animals!

@thesun | Twitter

2. Toblerone

Family favourite Toblerone is a classic Christmas chocolate, partly because of those delicious chewy bits in the middle - some say these are pieces of real mountain!* *they're not. 

@tododoki | Twitter

1. Terry's Chocolate Orange

In at number 1, it's the only type of chocolate that can pass as a fruit - Terry's chocolate orange! Everyone likes these, they have nice foil wrappers and you can even use them as cricket balls if you get bored during the holidays.

@OGudM | Twitter