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Which Christmas Tree are You Quiz?

Ever wondered which Christmas tree you'd be?! Find out now in this awesome personality quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 22nd 2021

How excited are you for Christmas?


What's your favourite part of Christmas?


If you were a Christmas tree, what colour would you want to be?


What colour scheme would you want your decorations to be?


Where's the best place in the house for the tree to go?


Where is the best place for the presents to be kept?


What's your favourite Christmas film?


What's your fave thing to do on Christmas day?


9/10 Pick a cute Christmas cat


Pick a great Christmas smell

Christmas Quiz

Half Christmas Tree

You're a modern and inventive half Christmas tree! You enjoy the festivities of Christmas, but don't like it when people get too carried away. You're pretty laid back and very smart. You're great at thinking outside the box which makes you an excellent gift buyer!

Christmas Quiz

Rainbow Christmas Tree

You're the rainbow Christmas tree! You LOVE Christmas as it's just another excuse to decorate everything in rainbow colours and sparkle. You're very extra about Christmas and get excited about it very early! You're really bubbly and confident and never take yourself too seriously!

Christmas Quiz

Upside Down Tree

You're the upside-down Christmas tree! You love Christmas but don't mind trying new things to be a bit different! Everyone can always rely on you to come up with new fun ways to do old boring things and you know how to mix it up. You're super smart, fun and outgoing and are not afraid to do your own thing!

Christmas Quiz

Classic Christmas Tree

You're the classic Christmas tree. You LOVE Christmas as it means you get to spend time relaxing with your family. You love the old traditions of Christmas time and enjoy nothing more than sitting back with your fave Christmas movie, or playing board games with your family. Christmas is definitely your favourite time of year - great food and presents - what's not to love?!