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Personality Quiz: How Much Do You Love Pies? Pick Your Favourite Ingredients and We’ll Guess What Type of Fan You Are.

It's British Pie Week - don't pretend you didn't know! Can you impress with making the tastiest treaty to eat?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

1/10 First question. Sweet or savoury? Which would you like?


2/10 What sort of filling do you prefer?


3/10 What kind of dish do you want it in?


4/10 Pick your secret ingredient


5/10 Pick a plate


6/10 Where would be the best place to eat a pie?


7/10 You need a knife and fork to eat a pie. Which will you choose?


8/10 What oven would cook a pie in?


9/10 What drink goes best with pie?


10/10 When’s the best time to have pie?

You're a perfect pie fan

You don't care if it's sweet or savoury... you just want your pie to taste nice.And let's be honest, what else do pies do?

You're a sweet-toothed pie fan

How to make a pie better? When it's full of sweet stuff!Just don't tell your dentist! Or your mum.

You're a fruity pie fan

Apple and pie. It's a match made in heaven as far as you're concerned.So take that pie-dish and fill it full of fruit.

You're Pieface!

You love pies more than anything and your best pal is a potato. It's pretty obvious... you must be Pieface!