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Curses! Character Quiz

It’s a risky business to join the Vanderhouven family - but who would you be most like?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 29th 2024

There are few families that stick together quite like this one but if you think that you've got what it takes to join up with the Vanderhouven’s on their journey then jump onto this quiz and see where you end up! It takes all sorts of skills to succeed in the kind of journey and adventure that this family is on - so let’s see where you might fit in!


Which period in history would you most like to travel to?


What cuddly toy do you take to bed to keep you safe?


There is a spooky chest in a cellar, what do you do?


Larry the Skull has gotten trapped under a fallen tree - how do you get them out?


Your torch has run out and you’re trapped in a dungeon, how do you get out?


Where would you hide a secret handle into your secret lair?


Stanley has gotten a bad dose of wood-worm - what do you do?!


There is a cursed necklace - how do you transport it back to where it was stolen from?


Russ has lost his journal - where might it be?


A doctor comes to check that Dad is okay - even though he is made of stone - but he accidentally breaks off his nose - how do you stick it back?

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You’re a skull - there’s not a great deal more to it than that. You don’t really have legs, or arms to be honest - but that doesn’t mean you can’t change the world! Without you the Vanderhouven’s wouldn’t stand a chance out there in the big wide world - it definitely wouldn’t be anywhere nearly as funny either? That’s probably why you’ve gotten this result, because no matter how bad it gets, you can always have a little laugh!

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Nice one! You’ve got the most in common with Sky! Sky is a professional, they know exactly what it means to do a job and do it well - they’ve got strong morals and they know right from wrong. That's probably why you've got this answer! Just like Sky, you know that when a serious choice comes up, you’ve got to spend the time thinking about it and make sure you’re getting it right!

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Now Alex isn’t that much of a character in the show, because most of the time he’s made of stone, so this is maybe a bit of a strange result - but! Alex knew that something was up, he knew that the actions of his Great Great Grandfather were causing something wrong to happen in his family. Although he got turned to stone pretty early on in the show, without him, none of it would’ve happened! You’re a little bit like Alex - without you the story goes nowhere!

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Awesome! You've got the most in common with Pandora! They’re probably the most extreme of the whole family and aren’t afraid to get into risky water or even take on more than they can handle! They love to challenge themselves, even if it sometimes gets them in trouble - or for example trapped in a painting! Just like you, Pandora is a risk taker - just make sure you know where the exit is!