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Curses! Trivia Quiz

It’s not everyday that your Dad turns to stone - but have you got the knowledge to get him back?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 14th 2024

In the real world - the things your ancestors do don’t usually turn around and bite you like this but in Curses!, it turns out, they can! So jump on into this quizzing adventure and see for yourself how what your ancestors did in the olden days can last for generations! Have you got the quiz skill to see this mission to the end? Let’s see!


What type of show is Curses!


What does Dad turn into?

Dreamworks | Apple TV

What is the families’ surname?


What has cursed the family?


What is someone who collects old artefacts called?


What is the Mum’s name?


Where is the secret handle into the hidden room in the house?


What extreme sport does Pandora like the most?


The families’ great great grandfather was a bad guy, and stole tonnes of artefacts - but what was his name?

Dreamworks | Apple TV

What is their pet skull's name?

Oh dear! It looks like Dad is going to be stone forever! You’ve not done very well on this quiz at all! But don’t worry, maybe you just haven’t seen the whole of the show yet! Hopefully there is still a little bit of hope for Dad - just a little…

Alright! Now we’re getting somewhere! You’ve scored well enough that you'll probably be able to return a few of the stolen artefacts. It’s not clear just yet if it’ll be enough to turn your Dad back from stone to flesh though! Maybe one more adventure, or another try at the quiz and let’s see how well you do!?

Awesome! You’ve smashed it! You’ve got exactly the right idea about these stolen artefacts - you’ve just got to give them back! But you know that! There’s only one way to save your Dad after all - he’s not going to turn back from stone just by sitting there, sometimes you’ve got to step in and help out! You know almost everything about Curses! - but do you think that you can get 100% right? Why not have another try?!

Wow! You’ve done it! You know everything that is worth knowing about Curses! If you were part of the family you’d be right out there at the front working out exactly the right places to send these artefacts back! There aren’t very many people that know as much as you when it comes to Curses! That’s something to be proud of, so what is next? Why not have a go at some of the other quizzes on the Beano site?!