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Curses! Facts

Are you ready for 15 fun facts all about the Vanderhouven family and their curse? Let's find out! Check out these awesome facts about this new spooky show!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  June 12th 2024

Curses! Is the amazing new show all about a family of archaeologists and their family curse! Can they break the curse? Will their lives ever go back to normal? It's time to find out with these 15 fascinating facts about this brand new show! Discover who the Vanderhouven family are, why they're cursed, and the surprising true life story that inspired the show! And if you liked this, check out more TV facts here! How about these unique Unicorn Academy facts? Or maybe you're up for these spooky Scooby-Doo facts? You might even like these fun Friends facts!

1. It's All About Archaeology

Cursed! follows the Vanderhouvens, Alex, Sky, Pandora and Russ a family of archaeologists who are cursed by the actions of an ancestor, Cornelius Vanderhouven. When Alex is turned to stone by the curse, its up to his kids Pandora and Russ, and his wife Sky to help bring him back! Can they do it?

2. It's About a Curse...Unsurprisingly

The family curse dates back to the family's great great great grandfather, who stole some treasure he wasn't supposed to, and was cursed for it. How can the Vanderhouvens break the curse? By returning all the artifacts the family have stolen over the generations!

3. The Creator Calls it 'Indiana Jones in reverse'

One of the showrunners, Jeff Dixon, said that he wanted the show to be like 'Indiana Jones in reverse'. In the Indiana Jones films, Jones takes objects from their original location, or from looters, and puts them in museums so everyone can see them. However, in Curses!, the family realise that the objects they've taken need to be back in their proper cultural environment. The show is a great way to teach kids about the cultural importance of artifacts, and question where they really belong.

4. The Show is Filled With Personal references

Showrunners Jeff Dixon and Jim Cooper originally met because their children attend the same school, and got chatting about combining their interests, children's animation and horror. The show is all about family, and the creators tried to bring as much of their own family dynamics into it as possible!

5. The Show's Creator Might Even Be Cursed!

Jim Cooper says that his family have their own curse! According to Jim, all the men in his family have died before aged 50, and it may all stem back to a mysterious skull the family owns...spooky!

6. There Might Be a Special Meaning Behind Pandora's Name...

Pandora shares her name with the character from Greek mythology, who opens a box and lets evil into the world. Like the original Pandora, Pandora Vanderhouven is trying to put everything back where it came from to stop anything else bad happening! And like the mythical Pandora, she has a secret weapon - hope.

7. It's Got a Pretty Impressive Cast

The voice cast includes famous horror actor Robert Englund as Cornelius, and Rhys Darby and Rhea Perlman in supporting roles, as well as main cast members Lyric Lewis, Reid Scott, Andre Robinson and Gabrielle Nevaeh Green!

8. If You Like These Shows, You'll Love Curses!

Curses is a great spooky mystery show, and if you like Scooby Doo, the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, the Indiana Jones films or The Owl House, you're bound to love Curses!

9. The Family Have Some Unusual Help

Sky, Pandora and Russ aren't alone in their quest - they have help from their friends, Stanley and Larry, two artifacts in their house! Larry is a skull who wears an eyepatch, and Stanley is a wooden totem!

10. The Show Has a Real Life Archaeological Consultant!

Even though none of the artifacts in the show are real, they all take inspiration from real historical objects, and so the show wanted to make sure it felt as authentic as possible. That's why it hired Karen Bellinger, an archaeologist and anthropologist who helped make sure the show felt grounded in reality!

11. The Show Travels All Over the World!

Not only is the show full of fascinating objects and spooky magic, the Vanderhouvens travel all over the world, including the Congo, Mexico and Scotland! Who knows where they'll go next?

12. The Showrunners Want to Help Children Overcome Their Fears

Even though the show is scary, the creators want to help children to navigate things that scare them and learn that they can cope with anything. They explain that they wanted to create a spooky atmosphere because sometimes, it's good to be scared!

13. Curse May Be Back For More

Although only one season of the show has been aired so far, the creators say they have ideas for at least 10 seasons in their heads! Fingers crossed for a second series of this amazing show!

14. The Show Has A LOT Going On

According to showrunner Jeff Dixon, Curses! features unknown caverns, mysterious characters, disembodied heads and even a clown! Get ready to hide behind the sofa!

15. You Can Watch is on AppleTV+!

What's the best thing about Curses! ? That you can watch it on Apple TV+ right now! What are you waiting for?