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15 Unicorn Academy Facts

We've put together 15 fabulous facts all about the magical Netflix series Unicorn Academy, and its main star Sophia! Check them out and learn all about unicorns!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  March 13th 2024

Unicorn Academy is the perfect series for anyone obsessed with unicorns who dreams of one day meeting one! When Sophia discovers she's got a place at Unicorn Academy, she can hardly believe it! But what else is waiting to be discovered? And how much do you know about the series? We've put together 15 magical facts all about it! Find out where you can watch the show, what sort of powers the unicorns have, and all about the book series it's based on! And if you need more unicorn in your life, check out more quizzes, jokes and facts right here! What about these 30 mystical unicorn facts? Or maybe you want to laugh at these unicorn jokes? We've even got a unicorn name-generating quiz!

1. It's Based on a Book Series

The show is based on a series of books written by Julie Sykes and illustrated by Lucy Truman. There are currently 20 books in the series, each about a different rider and their unicorn!

2. You Can Watch it on YouTube and Netflix

Unicorn Academy | Spin Master | Netflix

Not only is the show available RIGHT NOW on Netflix, there's also tons of clips and extra stuff on YouTube too! What are you waiting for?

3. The Main Character is Sophia

Unicorn Academy | Spin Master | Netflix

Sophia is a fiercely independent teenage girl who misses her father. When she discovers that he was a unicorn rider, AND that she had a place at Unicorn Academy, she can't believe it! But there's more than meets the eye in this magical world...

4. Each unicorn is suited to its rider

It's easy to see why each unicorn is paired with each rider - they're basically made for each other! Like Sophia, Wildstar has an independent spirit and a rainbow colour scheme. Sophia also loves stars, which is perfect! Ember and Valentina both have red hair and fiery temperaments, and Rory and Storm both have lightning symbols!

5. Each unicorn has unique powers

Not only does each unicorn have a unique look, they each have a special power. Cinder, for example, has fire magic, whilst Wildstar can create rainbows! Glacier has ice magic and Leaf has plant magic!

6. It's Located on Unicorn Island

Unicorn Academy is located on Unicorn Island, a beautiful and distant island full of magic! This includes enchanted places like the Hidden Temple, Starglow Lake and the Vision Pool!

7. Grim Magic is Bad

Whatever you do, don't mess around with Grim Magic! It's the powers used by dark forces, and it always leads to trouble! The Book of Grim holds grim magic's spells, but we warned! They're very dark and powerful! Speaking of dark and powerful...

8. The Villain is Called Ravenzella

Unicorn Academy | Spin Master | Netflix

Ravenzella is an evil sorceress and queen of Grimoria. She's determined to destroy Unicorn Academy by creating an army out of magic. It's up to Sophia and her friends to stop Ravenzella before its too late!

9. Unicorns Have a Long History

This isn't the first show about unicorns, and it won't be the last! Unicorns have been part of stories for hundreds of years, and it makes total sense that each unicorn in the series has its own rider - according to legend, only a fair young maiden can tame a unicorn!

10. You'll Be Able to Buy Unicorn Academy Toys

Unicorn Academy | Spin Master | Netflix

Unicorn Academy fashion dolls will be hitting the shops soon, including unicorn dolls to go with their riders! We can't wait to see what comes out!

11. There Are a Few Changes Between the Books and the Show

Unicorn Academy | Spin Master | Netflix

The books and the show are pretty different from each other! Firstly, the main protagonist of the show is Sophia, whereas the books focus on a different character each. There's also loads more characters and unicorns in the book - 20 in total! Sophia's backstory and the history of the Academy are also different. Why not try reading the books and finding out for yourself?

12. There's Only One Male Unicorn Rider

For whatever reason, the only male unicorn rider at the academy is Rory, who rides Storm. Maybe it's because, according to legend, only fair young maidens can tame unicorns? Rory must have extra special abilities in that case, to be the only boy!

13. There's a Reason Valentina Thinks She's So Important...

Valentina might be pretty unbearable a lot of the time, but there's a good reason she thinks she's so important. Valentina is a direct descendent of the founders of Unicorn Academy! And the teacher Ms. Furi is her aunt! No wonder she thinks she's a big deal! Let's hope she learns to get along with the others and be a bit more humble!

14. There's (Hopefully) Going to be a Season 2

Unicorn Academy | Spin Master | Netflix

Fans are speculating that the Unicorn Academy pupils will be back for another watch this space!

15. Fernakus May Not Be Trustworthy...

Whatever you do, don't trust Fernakus, he's up to no good! Fernakus is a 'Dwerpin', a sort of troll-like creature, and although he SEEMS helpful...he's hiding something!