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15 Simply Superb Siamese Cat Facts

Do you love Siamese cats? Us too! Check out these 15 Siamese cat facts and see how much you know about this unique and beautiful cat breed!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  May 30th 2024

Siamese cats are one of the best known breeds in the world! But how much do you know about these distinctive felines? We've put together 15 purrfect facts all about the Siamese, it's history and its traits! Find out why they were so important to royalty, the weird way they get their distinctive coats, and why they make such great pets! And if you'd like more cat-based content, check out our cat page! How about some great ginger cat facts? Or perhaps you want to challenge yourself with this big cat quiz? You might even like this famous cat quiz!

1. Siamese Cats Are Named for Siam

Siamese cats are named after Siam, now known as Thailand, where they originated from. In the Siamese royal court, Siamese cats had special status and were treated well. They were considered the most beautiful cats, and were also used to guard the kings throne. If you've ever tried to get your cat to guard anything, you can imagine they probably didn't make the best bouncers!

2. They Are One of the World's Oldest Breeds

Siamese cats have been bread for hundreds of years, making it one of the oldest existing cat breeds in the world! They didn't start appearing in Europe until the 19th century, when they became popular gifts from the King of Siam to foreign leaders and diplomats. They became particularly popular in the west after world war II, and today there are millions of them!

3. They All Have Blue Eyes

One of the most distinctive things about Siamese cats is their striking blue eyes. All Siamese cats have blue eyes, which can vary from light to bright blue. Their blue eyes help to make Siamese cats very popular and sought after!

4. Siamese Cats Can Be A Bit Funny Looking

Although Siamese cats are famed for their beauty, they can be a bit odd looking to, thanks mostly to their tendency to have crossed eyes. This is due to an inherited gene common in the breed, although it has now been bred out of lots of Siamese cats. Many of them also have crooked tales, again due to genetics. There's even a Siamese legend about how they ended up looking like that - apparently, they were guarding a golden cup, and stared at it so hard their eyes crossed! They also wrapped their tails around the cup, hence the crooked tail!

5. They Were Very Special To Royalty

Much like in ancient Egypt, Siamese cats were revered by royalty. As well as being considered very beautiful and given special duties, the royal family also believed that the cats would inherit their souls after they died! They were also historically known as the 'Royal Cat of Siam', due to the fact that Thai royalty loved them!

6. They Like To Chat!

Siamese cats are very chatty, so don't be surprised if you hear one meowing, mewing and purring! In fact, there's even a name for their distinct, low meow- it's called a meezer!

7. They Are Very Friendly

Siamese cats love company and love snuggles! They are very happy to be petted and to curl up with humans, and it's important that they aren't left on their own for too long - they need lots of care attention, or who knows what sort of mischief they'll get up to!

8. Siamese Cats Are Very Trainable

Siamese cats are intelligent, and you can even train them to do tricks! Giving your cat rewards and treats will help it learn to do simple tricks and make you look like a cat genius!

9. There is a National Siamese Cat Day!

If you're feeling the need to celebrate your love for the Siamese cat, you're in luck! April 6th is National Siamese Cat Day in the USA, but let's face it, wherever you live, it's a great excuse to treat your Siamese like the royalty it is!

10. The Oldest Siamese Cat Lived to 30!

That's right, 30! Scooter the cat, who lived in Texas, USA with owner Gail, lived to 30 years and 13 days old - that's about 136 years old in cats years! Wow!

11. And A Siamese Cat Once Had 19 Kittens!

That's the largest ever recorded litter of cats! On 7th August, 1970, a Siamese cat in the UK gave birth to NINETEEN kittens! That's a lot of cats - even more when you discover that the average litter for a Siamese cat is between 4-6 kittens!

12. Their Eyesight Isn't the Best at Night

Because of their pale blue eyes, Siamese cats find it harder to see in the dark. Whilst most cats are pretty good with night vision, which helps them to hunt, Siamese cats find it much trickier! Even worse if you're also crossed eyes!

13. Their Coat Changes Colour With the Temperature!

Siamese cats are usually a grey or milky coffee colour, but did you know how they get their colouring? Siamese cats are born white, but the fur around their warmer areas like their torsos stay white, whilst the cooler parts of their bodies, like the head and paws, go darker due to temperature based pigments! Cool! Or hot!

14. Siamese Cats Are Famous

Perhaps the best known Siamese cats are the cartoon pair that appear in the Disney animated film Lady and the Tramp - but did you know lots of real life celebrities have also owned a Siamese? These include three US presidents, actor Marilyn Monroe, and even Queen Elizabeth II!

15. They Make Great Pets!

Cuddly, chatty and intelligent, the Siamese is the perfect breed if you're looking for a fun and loving cat! Just make sure they have lots of company, care and attention, and you'll be glad you chose a Siamese cat!