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15 Fun John Cena Facts That You CAN See!

Check out these 15 fun John Cena facts and learn all about the nicest man in wrestling - John Cena! From his generous spirit to his odd choice of wrestling name, it's all here!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  June 4th 2024

As well as being a Renaissance man, John Cena is famously one of the nicest celebrities out there! But how much do you really know about him? Let's find out with these 15 awesome John Cena facts! Find out why he got into wrestling, what films he's starred in, and his odd pre-show good luck charm! And if you liked this, check out more wrestling here! What about these hilarious wrestling jokes? Or maybe you fancy this quiz that tells you which finishing move you are! Or why not test yourself on the divas of WWE? And if you need more trivia, we've also got our fantastic facts page!

1. He is From Massachusetts

John Felix Anthony Cena was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts on April 23rd, 1977. This makes him a Taurus - Taurus' are known for being sensible, hard-working and down to earth - sounds like John!

2. He Has Four Brothers

John is one of five brothers! They all loved wrestling as kids, and would even compete for cardboard championship belts! One brother is a policeman, one is an actor, and the other two keep out of the spotlight!

3. He Started Working Out When He Was 12

John Cena was originally attracted to wrestling because he was being bullied at school. He wanted to get fit and fight his bullies, so he asked for a weightlifting bench for his 12th birthday. And the rest is history!

4. He's a Champion Wrestler

John Cena has lots of different jobs, but he's best known as a wrestling champion with WWE. He moved to California and joined in 2001, and his original wrestler's name was 'The Prototype'!

5. John Cena is A Record Breaker

John Cena has an impressive wrestling career record. He's won the world championships 16 times, and the WWE Championships 13 times - a record! As well as this, his match again Dwayne Johnson (AKA The Rock) at the 2012 Wrestlemania was a record breaking event, grossing nearly $9 million!

6. He is Left Handed

Like 10% of the world's population, John Cena is left handed! And according to one study - left-handed wrestlers are actually more successful! It's certainly true in John's case!

7. He Has an Impressive Acting Career

As well as being a wrestler, John Cena has starred in lots of movies and tv shows over the years, including The Suicide Squad, Marine and TMNT: Mutant Mayhem. In The Suicide Squad, he plays a superhero called Peacemaker, an illusion to his career as a real life 'superhero' wrestler! He now has a TV show based on the character!

8. He Plays a Merman in the Barbie Movie

John Cena might have a tough image, but he's not against having fun too! You might have spotted him in the Barbie movie, where he plays a glamorous, golden haired merman!

9. John Cena is Also a Rapper!

Is there anything he can't do? Yes, John Cena also has a music career! Growing up as a rap fan, John Cena enjoyed freestyling with his friends in his down time, and has now appeared in lots of songs, including tracks by Wiz Khalifa and T-Boz. He also performs his own WWE entrance theme, Basic Thuganomics.

10. He's Written a Children's Book

Yup, he's an author too! John Cena has written a series of children's books about a monster truck called Elbow Grease! He has also written self-help style books full of positive quotes to help inspire people.

11. He's a Bit Superstitious

Like a lot of performers, John Cena has certain rituals he performs before going on stage. These include touching wood (a classic) and eating Tic Tacs before a wrestling match!

12. He's Very Generous

One of the most well known things about John Cena is his philanthropy. He donates lots of his time to the Make a Wish foundation, meeting and greeting sick children. In fact, he has done the MOST appearances of ANY celeb for Make a Wish - over 650!

13. He Speaks Mandarin

John Cena has been learning Mandarin Chinese for several years now. After a visit to China for WWE inspired him to have a go at the language, John Cena has been practising his language skills with Mandarin as often as he can! He has a tutor and uses cue cards to remind him of phrases!

14. He Loves Cars

John Cena loves cars! He owns about 20 luxury cars, and even had a show talking about them at one point! But he wasn't always this lucky - when he first started out in the entertainment industry, he lived in his car to save money.

15. John Cena Is a Meme

Because of his trademark 'you can't see me' pose, there is now a running internet joke that John Cena is invisible. People will take pictures 'with' John Cena - but it's just their arm around nothing!