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Spookiest Dementor Quiz!

How much do you know about dementors and their scary powers? It's time to find out with this spooky dementors quiz! Good luck!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 18th 2023

Dare you try this quiz on dementors? It's time to see how well you'd do up against these fearsome foes! And if you liked this, there's loads more Harry Potter quizzes here! Check out this scary Voldy quiz! Or maybe you can defeat this ultimate Patronus quiz! Dare you find out which Harry Potter villain you are?

1/10 Dementor popping out of a book with splat

Which book do they first appear in?

2/10 Dementors hovering around a castle in the sea

Where do they normally reside?

3/10 Potato Harry screaming as Dementor approaches

Who helps scare them off when they attack Harry and Dudley?

4/10 Dementors floating around a castle in the mountains

Why do they come to Hogwarts?

5/10 Creepy mask making a kissy face

What's it called when a Dementor tries to suck out your soul?

6/10 Balloon Voldy and creepy cloaked forest figure

Who get's their soul sucked out in book 5?

7/10 Someone waving a wand as farting unicorn flies out

What's the name of the spell that protects you against Dementors?

8/10 Scary dementor and magical stags

What happens when you cast the spell?

9/10 Spooky figure in forest and arrow

What is Harry's Patronus?

10/10 Heart eyes emoji and chocolates

What's another way to make yourself feel better after a Dementor attack?

Lowest result

Noooo! You've been defeated by your lack of Dementor knowledge! Luckily, you have another chance! Can you do better next time?

Try again result

Hmm, you've narrowly escaped the dementors, but you'll need to do better than that to defeat them! Try again!

Well done result

Nice! You've managed to produce a good Patronus and scare off the dementors! But can you get 100% next time?

Wow result

Wow! You're officially a dementor fighter, because you got 10/10! Dementors should be scared of you! And impressed with your knowledge!