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Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! Series 1 – Episodes 6-10 Highlights

Your ultimate guide to episodes 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  February 11th 2018

Episode 6: Griller Thriller

Dennis’s ultimate hero, Grizzly Griller, plans on trekking to the source of the River Beano on live TV. Dennis introduces him to his pet hamster, Galahad – only to discover they are his biggest fear! Grizzly is so torn up that Dennis must disguise himself as his hero and go in his place!Find out more about this episode here!

Episode 7: Pie Spy

Pieface steals Professor Von Screwtop’s Pastry-based, Intelligent, Espionage unit… P-I-E! After forming a strong bond with the pie-shaped robot - Pieface is dismayed when Walter steals it from him to protect his Dad from the embarrassing footage the PIE’s memory chip holds.Find out more about this episode here!

Episode 8: Night of the Living Veg

In Mrs Creecher's ‘Biggest Veg’ competition, Dennis will do anything to grow the biggest veg. Little did he know that JJ’s Gran’s special elixir mixed with Walter’s Dad’s V-V plant food, will transform their plants into giant living, walking, groaning veggies!Find out more about this episode here!

Episode 9: The Hamazing Hamsterman

Dennis gets into a fluffy mess when he runs into Von Screwtop's Hadron Collider with the Professor’s pet hamster, Galahad! To stop Dennis from completely transforming into a hamster, the gang must sneak him into Wilbur’s lab to reverse the physical (and mental) reaction! Find out more about this episode here!

Episode 10: Prank Wars

Dennis discovers that Ralf, the janitor, is the legendary Prankmaster General and is told he could become his successor. Walter can’t let this happen and challenges him to a prank battle to win the infamous Prankypedia!Find out more about this episode here!