Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! Series 1 - Episode 6: Griller Thriller

In this episode of Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!, Dennis’ ultimate hero, Grizzly Griller, plans on trekking to the source of the River Beano!

Dennis’ ultimate hero, Grizzly Griller, plans on trekking to the source of the River Beano, broadcasting the treacherous path on live TV!

Dennis introduces him to his pet hamster, Galahad – only to discover they are his biggest fear! Grizzly is so torn up that Dennis must disguise himself as his hero and go in his place!

Episode Trivia Overload!

Item #1

This is the first appearance of Grizzly Griller, a hero to Dennis! Can you figure out which TV celebrity he takes his inspiration from?

Grizzly Griller

Item #2

According to Bertie, Walter’s Dad Wilbur has several places named after him: Wilbur Square, Wilbur Street, and Wilbur’s Whiffy Sewage Plant! Gross!

Walter and Bertie

Item #3

When Grizzly Griller signs the map for Walter, we can see the path leading to the 'X', crossing the mountain, a huge ravine, and then up to a peak.

Beanotown map

Item #4

The gang try lots of ways to cure Grizzly's hamster-phobia. They get him to pet Galahad, they give him a big surprise and even run in a hamster wheel… but none of them work!

Grizzly Griller's hamster-phobia

Item #5

Galahad is super-smart for a hamster! He can understand Dennis and his friends, but only squeak in response!

Galahad the hamster

Grizzly Giller's Trivia Quiz!

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What items does Grizzly travel with?


What type of dog is Gnasher?


What type of bugs do the gang feed to Griller?


How does Dennis find Walter on the bridge?


What do they name the source of the River Beano?

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