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Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! Series 1 – Episode 11: Give Peas a Chance

In this episode of Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!, Wilbur passes a law that ends up creating… Zompeas!!!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  November 10th 2017

By order of the Mayor, Beanotown has banned every food except for mushy peas!

But something fishy – or mushy – is going on! These gross peas will turn anybody who touches them into a mindless viscious veggie – a ‘Zompea’! What can Dennis and his friends do to stop the growing green menace? They must fight the source of the infection – the Wilburcorp factory!

But who will make it without getting Zompea-fied first – and can they stop the spread of impending Pea-mageddon!

Episode trivia!

  • Beanotown zombies!
  • Zompeas!
  • Walter escapes
  • Space Invaders with Ruby!

Dennis's Blamtastic Trivia Quiz!

1/5 Zompeas

What do the peas turn to people into?

2/5 Dennis and Walter

Why is Mayor Wilbur using so many peas?

3/5 Anne Fineley and the protesters

What do the protestors chant outside the factory?

4/5 The gang get caught

Which of the gang gets caught by the peas first?

5/5 Wilburcorp factory

How do they get past the guards to the Wilburcorp factory?

"Uh-oh, are you a zompea in disguise?"

"Hmm, I think you must have peas in your ears!"

"Getting better - but still green around the gills!"

"Not bad - come join me and we can save Beanotown together!"

"Great stuff - you're the newest member of the gang!"

"BLAM! Perfect score - you're the best zombie fighter in Beanotown!"