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Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! Series 1 – Episode 15: Super Paul

In this episode of Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!, Dennis persuades Pieface that Paul is an undercover super hero!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  November 13th 2017

In this episode, Dennis persuades Pieface that Paul is an undercover super hero! 

Walter makes fun of Paul the potato, giving Pieface some serious doubts about Paul being a real life pet. 

Dennis steps in to help, and convinces Pieface to believe in Super Paul, Beanotown’s crime-fighting potato! Whenever a teacher is in danger, or a granny in need of help, there will be a radioactive root veggie ready to save the day! 

But when the superhero stunts get a little too much attention, Paul gets the gang into trouble at the Wilburcorp Factory. With Dennis and his friends stuck in a sticky situation, who else is there to save the day but… Super Paul! Or is he…

Episode Trivia!

  • Crash Smashson
  • Mrs Creecher
  • Butch Butcher's alligator!
  • Super Paul's origin story
  • Super Paul's signal

Super Paul's Spudtacular Episode Quiz!

1/5 Gnasher

At the pet store, what do they pretend to prank Gnasher with?

2/5 Paul the potato

What colour is Paul the potato?

3/5 Dennis using the toaster

What does Dennis call the toaster?

4/5 Super Paul

Name the colours of Super Paul’s crime-fighting costume?

5/5 Dennis, Rubi and JJ getting into the factory

How do Dennis, Rubi and JJ get into the factory?

"Zero? Your brain must be mashed! Go watch the episode again!"

"You must've been vegging rather than watching!"

"Getting better – you're a chip off the old block!"

"Sweet potato! That's a great score – keep trying!"

"You're so hot right now, you're roasting! Great score!"

"Perfect score! Are you sure you not… Super Paul?!"