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Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! Episode 20: Why So Clonely

In this episode of Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!, an accident in the lab creates a clone of Dennis!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  January 19th 2018

In this episode, an accident in the lab creates a clone of Dennis! 

When Dennis loses one of his brand new football boots – the ones he earned by promising to do extra chores - he asks Professor von Screwtop for help. The Prof offers to clone a mirror image of the remaining footy boot in his quantum duplicator. 

But when Dennis grabs the boots before they duplicator is finished, the machine starts to clone him too! Out pops a boy who looks like Dennis, but who is actually the exact opposite - a kid who loves to behave and follow rules, and even speaks backwards!

Dennis thinks it's great because while the clone sits in class, Dennis gets to stay out and play. Walter soon finds out, and tries to convince Dennis's clone to break into the lab and create an army of clawed clone cats!

Will the clone play by Dennis's rules, or will some weird science happen with Walter?

Episode Trivia!

  • Brand New Boots!
  • Dennis and the Professor
  • Ms Creecher’s Rule 71b – No daydreaming in class!
  • Walter and his cat army
  • Dennis and Gnasher get the drone out

The The Clone Clone Quiz Quiz!

1/5 Who scores the goal?

Who scores the goal before Dennis shows up to play football?

2/5 Dennis and his new boots

 What type of football boots does Dennis have?

3/5 The Professor's cloning machine

What is the Professor’s cloning machine called?

4/5 The army of cats

Where does Dennis send Gnasher to help them fight off the cats?


5/5 What happens to clones when a certain amount of time has passed?

Walter smells!

Zero! You need to go watch the episode - twice!

Walter smells!

Not not quite quite! Try try again again

You can do better!

Again try to want? Better getting you are!

You can do better!

Good job! Good job!

Earn your stripes!

Great score! But were you...copying anybody's answers?

Blam to the max!

Perfect score! The real thing, and not an imitation