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Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! Series 1 – Episode 28: Were-Walter

It's a full moon in Beanotown and things are getting gnashed! But could Dennis's dog be to blame or is there something more spooky afoot?

Rubi tries to solve the clues in Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!

Beanotown has been gnashed and unsurprisingly Gnasher is getting all the blame!

And while Gnasher’s in the doghouse, something has chewed its way through Bash Street School, all of the high street and even the Screwtop Lab.

It’s time for the gang to prove Gnasher’s innocence so Dennis and his pals have to scour Beanotown for clues.  But all they find are the screams, smells, and yells of the Beanotown residents – until they come back to the den and find their stuff gnashed to bits – all on the night of a full moon!

Dennis and Pieface find a book Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!

It’s up to Dennis to figure out who is being transformed into the snarling shadow that’s rampaging through Beanotown, before it’s too late.

A mysterious snarling shadow from Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!