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Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! Series 1 – Episode 4: Raiders of the Lost Sweetie

In this episode of Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!, Mrs Creecher confiscates Dennis’s rare sour sweetie!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  November 5th 2017

Mrs Creecher confiscates Dennis’s rare sour sweetie - The Tongue Destroyer!

Dennis is desperate to get the sweet back and takes his friends on an adventure to the school’s Confiscatorium, hidden in the depths of Bash Street School!

Episode Trivia Overload!

Item #1

Mrs. Creecher's rules for this episode include No 423 “No contraband confections in class" and No 143 “No insulting your teacher”!

Item #2

The 'exam' challenges to get to the Confiscatorium include a challenge to rub your tummy and pat your head, a halfpipe, a rope obstacle course and a music exam!

Item #3

In the obstacle course, most of the gang jumps across. Rubi is the only one brave enough to take the ramp – which actually gives her the speed to beat the others!

Item #4

When escaping the Confiscatorium, the obstacles all look like sweets. The giant gobstopper rolling to crush them, the sherbet saucers that slice across the screen, and the sticky toffee quick sand! Yum… or should that be yikes?!

Item #5

Easter egg time! Did you notice that this episode parodies the big boulder in the first Indiana Jones film, and the challenges of first Harry Potter film?

The Headmaster's Trivia Quiz!

1/5 Dennis and his Tongue Destroyer

Where does Dennis get his stripey Tongue Destroyer sweet from?

2/5 JJ on the climbing frame with Dennis

Where did JJ hear about the Confiscatorium?

3/5 The entrance to the Confiscatorium

Where is the secret entrance to the Confiscatorium?

4/5 Dennis and the gang with recorders

What song about princesses do the gang have to play in the musical challenge?

5/5 The secret of the Confiscatorium!

What does the team actually find in the Confiscatorium?

Walter Smells!

"F: See me after school!"

Walter Smells!

"D: Hmm, someone need to do their homework!"

You can do better!

"C: Detention is cancelled!"

You can do better!

"B: You may graduate yet!"

Earn your stripes!

"A: You're an excellent pupil – where's my apple?!"

Blam to the Max!

"A+: Top of the class! Now hand out these books!"