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Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! Series 1 – Episode 5: Escape from Azkabash

In this episode of Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!, Dennis must escape detention to make the Beanotown Brawny Bean Race before Walter wins it!

Dennis must escape detention and Bash Street School to make the Beanotown Brawny Bean Race before Walter wins it!

With the help of a note placed in his desk, he must sneak past Mrs Creecher and make a run for it – unless the mysterious note giver stops him first…

Episode Trivia Overload!

Item #1

The objective of the race is to catch a giant bouncing bean! It’s not about being the fastest, but being the smartest! 

Item #2

The Beanotown Brawny Bean Race is a bit like the silly English tradition of ‘cheese racing’! It’s a real thing! Honest!

Item #3

If Gran had won, this would make her 14th win in a row in the Brawny Bean Race! She’s otherwise tied with ‘Mr Brawny Bean’, who has also won the race 13 times!

Item #4

Mrs. Creecher’s Rule 314b (‘No unauthorised desk jumping’) lands Dennis is detention. Rule 183 ‘Pupils fraternising with a detention-ee may also be given detention’ is also bad news for the gang!

Item #5

Anyone else spot that Dennis and Gnasher are in a version of Pac-Man, the classic arcade game from the Eighties?

Dennis’s Trivia Quiz!

1/5 The winner of Beanotown Brawny Bean Race

What does the winner of the Beanotown Brawny Bean Race win?

2/5 Gran and her broken foot

How did Gran hurt her foot?

3/5 Creecher at the stationary cupboard

Why does Creecher go to the stationary cupboard?

4/5 Dennis hatches a plan!

How does Dennis escape the classroom?

5/5 The end of the Beanotown Brawny Bean Race

What happens at the end of the Beanotown Brawny Bean Race?

Walter Smells!

"That's total guff – don't you like my new show?"

Walter Smells!

"Hmm, I think someone needs less homework and more Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!"

You can do better!

"Getting better, Beano buddy – but you need to watch the repeats as well!"

You can do better!

"50% BLAM!, 50% ZZZZZ… Keep trying, we're counting on you!"

Earn your stripes!

"WOWZERS! You're a true fan of our new show – we may name a statue in Beanotown after you!" 

Blam to the Max!

"You're the new King Of Blam and our number one fan – you totalled got everything right!"